Social Network OverView apk 2.4.3 [Last Update]

Download Social Network OverView apk 2.4.3 is Genre Apk Created By SomeOne. See Log Change in This Version Social Network OverView apk 2.4.3 For Free. This App and Apk
Social Network OverView 2.4.3 APK, Download Social Network OverView 2.4.3, Chronological presentation of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus Feeds.
Functional overview:
* clear and chronological presentation of your favorite feeds from Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus
* no registration for these social networks necessary (!), celebrities and news-sites usually post public news
* Facebook-authentication possible to read your friends non-public posts
* detail view (with 3D cover flow) for navigation through all posts
* link to the post on the respective website
* search function for all networks
* search function to find spefific entries
* posts could be marked as favorite
* widget to see latest news at home screen (> Android 3.x)

Many settings can be personalized:
* interface could be personalized (3 skins available)
* large profile pictures
* adjustable profile order
* notifications for new news
* automatic updates in background
* automatic updates only with available Wi-Fi connection
* automatic update at starting the App
* adjustable update frequency while App is in background
* disable updates (e. g. at night)

Advantages of full version:
* unlimited number of feeds (lite-version is restricted to 3 feeds!)
* Facebook authentication
* Import Facebook friends
* feeds can be sorted from newest to oldest
* automatic start after reboot
* different post settings (number of posts, notification color)
* further development of new features

HINT: This app is very battery friendly.

Planned features:
* profile categories
* Twitter and Google Plus authentication

What's in this version:
* Bugs fixed (Facebook)
* Option large profile view added

Download Here Download Social Network OverView apk 2.4.3 New version, Link There Above With Redirect Link.

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